Reviews for “Never Slowin’ Down”

“It is a big step up from debut to the sheer scale of the so called difficult second album, the strides that need to be taken to ensure that the music continues to flow, that the result is heard with open ended honesty and the hunger just at the right level so it does not seem as if the band is gnawing at a bone which is exposed and bare; all its trapping and furs removed. It is an album that needs to see progression yet still be rooted enough in the same beauty that transfixed the original fans; to speed up and to shout out with guts and determination that they are Never Slowin’ Down.

For the threesome that make up the tremendous Orfila, Abi, Louise and Matt, the sound of Nashville mixed with the loving grace of the English country preserve is one that has matured beyond expectation, it is a symbol of generosity of the music that has widened, expanded into a realm of spirited amplification and effortless vocals.

The sound of the U.K. country music may at times seem tame compared to the romantic image on offer across the rough and ready ocean, it perhaps is simpler, less dynamic, less sharp in focus and with less social wrongs to explore. However, in the hands of Orfila that gap is narrowed, it might still seem an expanse that is only to be crossed with great care but in the hands of these three talented souls, it is an expanse that comes with a well placed bridge, a walkway high enough above the rage and swell of water and with a handy sense of British fortitude shielding them from any excess that the States might tempt them with.

The music on Never Slowin’ Down is both enjoyably and unmistakably Nashville but with the prose of the British pastoral firmly entrenched in its deep heart; it is big blue skies country but with rustic charm of a green meadow, idyllic pastures and the babbling brook of the rolling vocal hills of home.

In tracks such as It Would Be You, Fine Tooth Comb, Hit The Ground Running and Raise A Glass, Orfila resolutely raise the bar from their scintillatingly pleasant debut album and ask the listener to accompany them once more round the block, the Nashville sky blossoming and the smell of the British rural area offering a great mix in which to bless this new country sound.”- Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision

“Last year saw the UK country music trio ORFILA release their brand new album ‘Never Slowin’ Down’ and with their C2C performance just around the corner we felt now would be a great time to review the LP. The album is filled with truly beautiful and authentic country songs that the sibling harmonies sound incredible on. The LP opens with the fantastic ‘Floor It’ and the rest of the album just keeps getting better. The ten track album really does showcase the country music talent currently coming out of the UK.

ORFILA’s LP ‘Never Slowin’ Down’ is simply beautiful. The girls’ vocals compliment the only male vocal in the group and the blood harmonies on the tracks ‘Just Somethin’, ‘All Along’ and ‘When You Look At Me’ are really something special. ‘It Would Be You’ shows a more pop side to the three-piece band while still keeping a strong hold on the country genre they perform so well.

The standout tracks include: Second Wind’, ‘Floor It’, ‘Fine Tooth Comb’ ‘Carry On’ and ‘It Would Be You’. RATING 4/5”- Laura K, Belles and Gals

“Country music is something that I dabble in occasionally – it is one of those forms where if it is done badly it hurts the ears worse than claws on a blackboard. This, however, is a superb example of Country music played well and with real heart and gusto.

Lead vocals come courtesy of Abi Orfila and Louise Orfila while Matt Orfila supplies acoustic, resonator, Nashville tuned and electric guitars – the perceptive amongst us may have noticed a resemblance in their names.
Names don’t matter, what matters is that this is the best UK Country band I’ve heard in years. Not Americana or Country & Western but honest and pure Country – unashamed and delightful.

They also feature some stellar assistance in the hands of BJ Cole on pedal steel, Liam Genockey (Steeleye Span) on drums and bass from John Hogg (Moke and sessions with Jimmy Page etc.) as well as Travis Toy and Tommy Yankton (both with Rascal Flatts). These guys don’t play with dummies and their contributions add to some stunning 3 part harmonies as well as fine guitar work and piano (from Abi). But it is the songs that really grabbed me.

Right from the off they seem to touch on classic themes – leaving, loving, pathos and pride – and the songs shimmer with great melodies and hooks. When they rip it up on a track such as ‘Hit The Ground Running’ they really kick up a storm of sound and on a slower number like ‘Just Somethin’ the vocal comes out as pure as a mountain stream over gorgeous pedal steel.

As I said, I don’t often dabble in Country but when it is good it can be really special and this one is.” Andy Snipper, Music News

“Kent based Matt, Lou and Abi Orfila have released their second album, Never Slowin’ Down, and seemed to have discovered their true sound – UK country with a touch of Nashville. In fact, if you didn’t know the band, you’d be hard pressed to tell they were British. Each of the ten tracks is very professionally produced, giving the whole album a rich and sunny feel. All the songs are written by the trio and they have rounded up a superb bunch of musicians to augment their sound. The siblings’ gorgeous three-part harmonies meld seamlessly with the banjos, fiddles, harmonicas and pedal steel guitars that show up on most of the tracks.

Another aspect of the album which intrigued me was the lyrics. From the rockin’ first track ‘Floor it’ onwards, the band seem to have managed to match country type lyrics to the country feel of the music. Being British that’s quite a feat. They have either been brought up listening to country music or spent a long time in Nashville. Either way they have managed to perfectly marry the lyrics with the music.

Orfila have already tasted some success, having worked with major artists, had lots of radio play, played the main stage at the Gibraltar Music Festival and reached the top 10 in the UK Country Charts with ‘It Would Be You’ (a very catchy tune from the album). Overall the blend of the lyrics with marvellous harmonies, fine tunes and excellent musicianship make this a second album to be proud of. Orfila it seems, true to their word, are never slowin’ down.”- Ingenue Magazine

“They kick off with ‘Floor It’, a frisky acoustic country stomper that, featuring Steeleye fiddler Jessie May Smart, pretty much sums up the sound and attitude as they talk about being ready for a brand new start and doing what they love before slowing the pace for the classic sounding steel-streaked walking beat ballad ‘Just Somethin”. You’d be forgiven for thinking they were actually born and suckled in Nashville, suggesting this may one occasion when taking coals to Newcastle may actually pay off. Repeating the opening structure, backed by mandolin, ‘It Would Be You’ is another uptempo foot tapper, while ‘All Along’ is another excursion into balladry before they rock it up for some Southern country barroom fire on ‘Fine Tooth Comb’, a number that sounds like a real live crowd rouser.

Pedal steel again prominent, the mid-tempo ‘Carry On’ is back to their softer side with a singalong friendly chorus while ‘Hit The Ground Running’ plays pretty much as the title suggests, the band digging into some bluesy rocking before the positivity-charged ‘Second Wind’ turns to a twangier shuffle with insistent snare from Genockey and pedal steel providing background colour.

The album closes up with, first, the steel-stained mid-tempo ‘When You Look At Me’, followed by the upbeat, harmonica-burnished ‘Raise A Glass’, a toast to a parted friend but equally serving as a celebration of the band. Here’s to them.”- Mike Davies, Fatea Records

“British country from the sibling trio Orfila. They’ve just played at the Country 2 Country show so it’s a good time to be them.

There’s is a much more traditional country sound with the tremendous harmony vocals undepinning the whole thing. They can do pop as well as they demonstrate on the very commercial “It Would Be You” but when they let their country flag fly on the likes of “Floor It” and “Second Wind” then it’s a real treat.

They’ve got an all star band backing them up with Steeleye Span members Liam Genockey and Jessie May Smart, Lee Pomeroy on bass, some pedal steel from the inimitable BJ Cole and guitars, banjo, mandolin and harmonica come from Rascal Flatts alumni Travis Toy and Tommy Yankton. So someone thinks this is going to be big. And it deserves to be. It’s a fabulous album that modern country fans should be snapping up now”.- Stuart Hamilton, The Rocker 65

Reviews for debut album: “Writing on the Wall”

-“Writing on the wall is normally a phrase that signifies an abrupt ending, a sense of closure if a wrong, and sometimes inevitable, turn is made. The thought of all chances gone and it is just a matter of time before the clock heralds an unsatisfying conclusion to what could have been something magnificent.

For the threesome that makes up Folkestone’s Orfila, it’s not that the writing is on the wall, eulogies being prepared and a service of rememberance being arranged, the opposite is true, the writing is done with a flourish and heralds loudly that there is a band around who can offer a night in listening to music which is both gentle and sincere; the script is still being added to and it looks great so far.

For the three members, Abi on vocals, percussion and piano, Louise on vocals, piano, guitar and Matt on guitar, harmonica, banjo and ukulele, the music is something rather enjoyable. It holds a hope that many miss because they are far too tied up with living in the excessive moment and their thoughts waylaid by the result rather than the journey. For Orfila, the journey is all, something you would certainly expect from three people that play together securely and with ease.

The album they have released is sweet, it is polished and offers a gentle, if at times a little understated, sound that is more than enough to please the ear and place a wondering, enigmatic smile upon the face of the listener. Writing On The Wall holds a deep fascination for the poetry held within the lyrics and in tracks such as the utterly tremendous I’ve Just a face an which female longing and identification are explored, the lovely You Should Know, the craving and resolution in Better Things and Come Back, the three members of the band have created a selection of songs that fill the heart with a certain contentment that comes through in calming waves, like a pebble thrown from a high cliff into the English Channel, the result might not be initially seen or felt but it adds tremendously to the world.

Orfila’s Writing On The Wall is a generous and abundant album that is a surprising catch to get hold of.”

Ian D. Hall
Liverpool Sound and Vision

Reviews/comments on our performances:

-“One of the most talented new artists we’ve had at the GMF so far, we are talking about Orfila”-Gibraltar Music Festival organisers

“You have an incredible sound, we loved you”-Gibrlatar Music Festival organisers

“I have to say right from the onset that this family should be producing a new super breed of children in the future that will be taking over the musical world. How can one family produce so many talented singer/songwriter musicians? A question I’m pretty sure I will never discover an answer too. There followed a beautiful mix of originals and covers from the stage, including performances of their upcoming debut EP. Amazingly each sibling has written a track for this EP and you can hear the slightly difference styles brought from this influence, but each complimenting each other beautifully. Already having gained success and having supported the likes of Beverley Craven and Albert Hammond they performed the most catchy rendition of Albert’s song I’m A Train I have heard. Covers from The Beetles, Taylor Swift and Mumford & Sons floated off the stage with the most stunning angelic harmonies I have heard in a long while. Throw in some harmonica and guitars and you have yourself if an amazing band I could never tire of seeing live! Roll on this debut EP is all I can say.”
Sarah Quinn, Gigglepics

“Having an impressive CV of gigs and radio play it’s not hard to see why. The harmonies from the girls are absolutely stunning and angelic. A set of covers with the odd original thrown in, they make very pretty and beautiful music. For You It’s The Last I’ll Ever Cry showcased their lyric writing ability very well and the girls take it in turns for lead vocals which creates a subtle but ever changing sound. At all times the harmonies are prevalent and what makes this band, with some skilled guitar and the addition of harmonica and egg shakers complete a full rounded sound. Finishing with their version of Albert’s song I’m A Train which was rather appropriate for the location and name of the venue, was just the perfect way to end the set. Bringing together all of what makes them so great, a band you simply must see.”
Sarah Quinn, Gigglepics

Reviews on our video, Writing on the Wall

-“Enjoyed! And very uplifting!”
Robert Davi, actor

“Congrats on your video, it’s great!”
Albert Hammond OBE

“Those Kids are great”

Albert Hammond, Musician OBE, Singer Songwriter, Member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame

 “They’re Fantastic”

Beverley Craven, Musician, Singer Songwriter

 “Great songs, awesome voices – a group to watch out for”.

Jamie Crompton, Musician (Suzi Quatro Band and Wishbone Ash), Guitarist Magazine columnist

 “Fantastic voices and brilliant songwriters”

Adam Dowling, BBC Radio Kent Presenter

 “Awesome, absolutely awesome” 

Dave Cash, BBC Radio and former TV (Top of the Pops) Presenter

“Very Professional and extremely talented”

Richard Digance Singer Songwriter/Comedian and BBC Radio Devon Presenter

“Impressive harmonies….Enormous potential”

MAVERICK – The Leading Independent Country Music Magazine

 “…A gloriously uplifting acoustic Folk/Pop album on which exquisite three part harmony vocals are outstanding features……the complete package.”